Rupturian, the new Sci-Fi franchise opportunity: Get on the bandwagon!

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The Rupturian franchise is the next big hit in entertainment.  Participate in the startup crowdfunding campaign KICKSTART RUPTURIAN, and benefit from the franchise’s first film’s release profits.

The startup campaign is to raise $100K.  You will get your money back plus 10% immediately upon raising the production budget, several perks, plus 5% of the film’s profits during the first 3 months of its release.  Since the budget of the film is $10M, 5% is equivalent to have invested $500k. Not a bad deal!  

For details go to the Business Opportunity page of

Al Herrera SOA LEGACY INC / Bernal Films   –  New York (718) 440-8590

Update to Angel Investors / Venture Capitalists

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An update for Angel Investors / Venture Capitalists

New York, February 23, 2016

Dear Angel Investor / Venture Capitalist,

I invite you to visit the page for crowdfunding alternatives in the website for Rupturian:

RUPTURIAN is the next big hit in entertainment; a new breed of Sci-Fi: more realistic.

Like STAR WARS, it includes movies, video-games, books and toys.

An initial investment of USD$10 million has the potential to generate over USD$300 million in 6 to 8 years.

Last December STAR WARS: The Force Awakens came out with the greatest release ever in the history of film making, worldwide. The total gross in Box Office Mojo for that release, as of February 23, 2016, is $922,010,468.00.

Now imagine that you are in 1975, 40 years ago, and somebody offers you the opportunity of making the first movie of the STAR WARS franchise for USD$10 million. What do you do?

I offer you the opportunity of making the first movie of the RUPTURIAN franchise, for USD$10 million.

What I need is an Angel Investor / Venture Capitalist with vision to fund the project.

For Brokers there is a finder’s fee, plus a % in the equity of Bernal Films Corp.

I would appreciate your consideration to provide total or partial funding for the project, as an Angel Investor / Venture Capitalist.

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Al Herrera
New York (718) 440-8590

RUPTURIAN, The Next Great SCI-FI Adventure, is in The Works

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SOA LEGACY / Bernal Films, an entertainment company from New York, is offering the opportunity of participating in the kickstart of Rupturian, the next big hit in entertainment.


Up-to-date scientifically, and technologically, Rupturian represents a new breed in Sci-Fi.  The most popular SCI FI adventure franchises began over 40 years ago.  A lot of new discoveries have occurred since them, and the starting point for the future is now, not in the past. Rupturian happens in the present time, with real problems. We enter in contact with a highly advanced alien civilization that gives us access to a technology we cannot even imagine. The problem is, we can use it for our own good, but also for our own destruction. The first movie of the Rupturian franchise is about “Extinction on Earth.”

SOA LEGACY / Bernal Films is offering the opportunity of starting the RUPTURIAN franchise with USD$10 million.  Initially, SOA LEGACY / Bernal Films is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise USD$100K of startup money. The company’s business plan calls for providing to investors a 100% ROI to be paid as a SENIOR DEBT (priority payment), and a 5% ownership of the company’s stock.


Additionally, contributors will:

  • Participate in a raffle to win an invitation for two people, with all expenses paid, for the premier of the movie in New York, Mexico, Guatemala or Madrid -as per their selection.
  • Get their names listed in the credits of the film
  • Have the opportunity of appearing as extras in scenes happening in New York, Mexico, Guatemala, Spain, France, China, and several other countries.

Providing $100K of startup money, with a ROI of 100% to be paid as a SENIOR DEBT (priority payment), and additionally, getting 5% equity in the film company that is producing a $10 million budget movie, is definitely an excellent opportunity, when you consider that Rupturian has potential to become the next big hit in entertainment.

You may participate with smaller amounts. For participations starting at $1,000.00 you will get stock in the film’s production company. Details are presented in the Investor Relations page of Bernal Films. To participate in this offer, you need to register at OurExchange:,  and look for Rupturian.

For participations bellow $1,000.00 you will get a % from the profits of the film.  Participations bellow $100.00 are taken as donations. To participate in this offer, please go to the crowdfunding page of the Rupturian website:

All participants, regardless of the amount provided, get the perks of the promotion.

Videos about Rupturian are available in YouTube.

Free Download:  Introduction to the Rupturian World

Tepeu's ritual for the return of Kukulkan

To get a free download of the PDF “Introduction to the Rupturian World”, send an email to, with the subject “Introduction”

For Questions contact: Al Herrera    


About the Rupturian Script

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About the Rupturian Script

Rupturian is a Sci-Fi concept that allows for the creation of a franchise that includes movies and TV miniseries, books and e-books, video-games, and toys. The required initial investment / loan is $6 M for the production of the first movie of a trilogy; out of the $6M, $500,000.00 will be used to market its distribution. We are expecting to receive back from the State of New York, $1.5 M as an incentive to promote the movie industry. The franchise potential revenue in 5 to 6 years is over $100 M. How is it possible to produce the first movie of the trilogy with $6 M? Please see About the Rupturian Budget in

In the old Greece, during the golden times of Aristotle, Socrates and Plato, the latter used to present his philosophical concepts via dialogues… well, I am going to do the same.
I am going to make an interview to myself as a way to explain the differences between the movie Rupturian –Extinction on Earth” and the novel “Last Call from Earth –Stage I, Biological Survival”, both of them created under the Rupturian concept. Doing this I’ll cover the subject of this blog “About the Rupturian script”.

The novel versus the movie

Under the Rupturian concepts, I wrote the first novel of the trilogy “Last call from Earth”, which deals with the biological survival of the Human race before a major catastrophic event.

Q. I understand you prepared a script for Rupturian –Extinction on Earth. How different is it from the novel Last call from Earth?

A. The script contains the same basic elements and concepts, but presented and developed in a different way, and in a different order. That’s the beauty of the Rupturian concept; that is, several stories may be written about it.

Q. Could you give an example of a different way?

A. The basic event in the story is that humanity faces imminent extinction. In the book that is caused by a collision against our universe of another universe; due to the collision there is a rupture through which strings escape (strings are the basic components of everything that exist in our universe), and consequently, our atmosphere is affected…. This is a concept very difficult to communicate and develop in a movie. The script was changed so that now what we have is a supernova; that is, a major explosion (or implosion) of a star. In the history of our planet, 440 million years ago, a supernova almost finished life on Earth. A supernova makes the script more realistic.

Q. And also more graphical and dramatic; I can see that. Do you still make it happen on December 21, 2012?

A. No. It happens in the immediate future, but not a specific date. This makes the story more permanent.

Q. Could you give an example of a change in the order of the story?

A. In the book, the story starts in the XXIII century, 280 years from now, and we look back to what has happened up until that moment; in the movie, the story starts at the present time and moves forward.

In the book, the people in the colonies that we establish in other planets get sick with CRDS (Circadian Rhythm Degeneration Syndrome). The disease is caused by a disruption in the normal functioning of the DNA, caused by not teleporting microorganisms that the human body needs to be normal.

In the movie, the people that would remain on Earth after the supernova are the ones that would get sick with CRDS. While the radiation of an atomic bomb affects living organisms immediately, the radiation from a supernova affects the DNA resulting in cancer, dementia, and physical malformations. With this change, the script becomes more realistic… but in the end, during the last minutes of the movie, that doesn’t happen because we are saved using advanced Rupturian technology to create a gas cloud diffuser that filters out the life damaging particles of a supernova.

Q. The overall concept of the Rupturians remains the same?

A. Yes. That’s a key concept. Without the advanced Rupturian technology and their vision of reality the Rupturian stories don’t exist.

Q. Looking at things in perspective, how do you see the novel versus the movie?

A. I would say the novel is the classic version, the way I thought about it for the first time, without putting any constraints to my imagination. And the script is the result of many, many revisions of all sorts to make it more realistic; it is the result of a team effort. The final script is the result of several revisions made by a team of professional writers that include Brad Schreiber, Peter Mellencamp (STAR TREK) , Paul Young (THE LORD OF THE RINGS) and Paul Guay.

Q. Which one do you prefer?

A. Both; the first one for sentimental reasons. I still remember when I thought about it for the first time. I was in New York in a very cold winter, the boiler was broken, and I had to wear my coat in bed in order to sleep. I had just read a couple of books about the fabric of the universe and the strings theory, in my mind I created a minor big bang explosion and the Last Call from Earth started to exist. In practical terms I prefer the script, since it is the result of thinking and rethinking the same concepts, by several people, over and over again, until the story became simpler, more realistic, and with emphasis in the most important aspects.

Q. Still thinking about a trilogy?

A. Yes, but in Rupturian the story is different.

In Rupturian I, we are going to be hit by a supernova that will finish life on Earth, but we are saved using the advanced technology of the Rupturians.

In Rupturian II, with the advanced technology of the Ruprurians we start to explore vast areas of the universe, but with such an advanced technology we come close to destroying ourselves, like the Rupturians did.

In Rupturian III, via recordings in the Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN), we will see how and why the Rupturians annihilated themselves; all of them committed a collective suicide, destroying even their planets… Only one Rupturian remained, because he was travelling in a parallel dimension, and he is the one that appears in the first movie of the trilogy.

And then, if we get pictures from the new James Web Telescope, currently in construction, we will have a fourth movie: “The Birth of the Universe” where we will see how our universe started in the Big Bang, we will discover the origin of life, and we will do soul transplantation from one body to another.

Q. Sounds really interesting, unique, realistic and educational. I can see you have created a whole world in your mind. I can also see that you still have soul transplantation from one body to another…

A. Yes, but not until the fourth movie. In the first one what I have is “teleportation”

Q. Why is that better?

A. Soul transplantation into another body has religious connotations; one of the most critical issues being: What happens to the soul that was in the recipient body before? The concept of teleportation, on the other hand, is normally accepted without moral, ethical or religious concerns. So I rather leave Soul transplantation to the very end.

Please continue this blog in

For investing / lending in Rupturian, please contact

About the Rupturian Franchise

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Rupturian I picture

About the Rupturian Franchise

Rupturian is a Sci-Fi concept that allows for the creation of a franchise that includes movies and TV miniseries, books and e-books, video-games, and toys. The required initial investment / loan is $6 M for the production of the first movie of a trilogy; out of the $6M, $500,000.00 will be used to market its distribution. We are expecting to receive back from the State of New York, $1.5 M as an incentive to promote the movie industry. The franchise potential revenue in 5 to 6 years is over $100 M. How is it possible to produce the first movie of the trilogy with $6 M? Please see About the Rupturian Budget in

Movies and TV miniseries
The business concept is to produce the first film of the trilogy with the least possible budget, $6M, and then increase progressively in complexity as far as the setup of the scenes is concern, with larger budgets. The Rupturian stories will be structured in episodes, to facilitate the programming of TV miniseries.

Rupturian I -Extinction on Earth

The gamma-ray burst of the WR104 supernova is about to hit the Earth. We are on the verge of extinction. Our only salvation is using Rupturian technology, a highly advanced alien civilization.

In CGI, the expensive scenes are those that have human interaction with a CGI background. In Rupturian I -Extinction on Earth most of the CGI scenes occur in the outer space with physical objects created with the computer; consequently, the budget is only $6M.

Rupturian II -Our own annihilation

With the advanced technology of the Rupturians we will explore vast areas of the universe; that is, we will reach into what is known as the “dark universe”, but with such an advanced technology we will also come close to destroying ourselves, like the Rupturians did. This requires more expensive scenes, so that Rupturian II –Our own annihilation will have a larger budget.

Rupturian III -The Rupturian’s annihilation

Via records of the Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN) –similar to our Internet but of a Local Galaxies (Milky Way, Andromeda and Triangulum) scale, we will see how and why the Rupturians destroyed themselves.

The trilogy may be extended into a tetralogy, depending on the availability of pictures to be obtained with the James Webb Space Telescope, currently in construction

Rupturian IV -The birth of the universe

With the advanced technology of the Rupturians, we will see how the universe was created in the Big Bang explosion. We will discover the origin of life, and we will be able to do soul transplantation.

According to the Big Bang model, the universe expanded from an extremely dense and hot state and continues to expand today.

According to the String Theory all the components of the universe already existed in that “point” that exploded during the Big Bang, is just that it is expanding.

According to the Rupturians, as presented in the book Rupturian Vision of Reality, that is impossible. What happens is that “strings”, the basic component of everything that exists in the Dimension of Being, are constantly being brought into existences from the Dimension on Nothingness (Not-Being); that is, there is constant generation of the components that make up the fabric of the universe; there is a constant flow of strings from Not-Being into being.

Books and e-books

The Rupturian movie scripts will be converted to short graphical novels, and will be promoted along with the theatrical movie releases. Additionally, several other stories will be developed under the general Rupturian concepts.

Rupturian Concept

Go to Google and do a search on “Rupturian”; you will get thousands of results.

For a full version of the blog About the Rupturian Franchise, including video-games and toys, please go to


About the Rupturian Budget

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About the Rupturian Budget

About the Rupturian budget –

Rupturian II: Our own annihilation. With the advanced technology of the Rupturians we will explore vast areas of the universe, beyond the 5% that we are normally able to see; that is, we will reach into what is known as the “dark universe”, but with such an advanced technology we will also come close to destroying ourselves, like the Rupturians did; this requires more expensive scenes.

Rupturian: Sci-Fi concept that allows for the creation of a franchise that includes a trilogy of movies, video-games and toys. Investment: $6 M. Potential franchise revenues in 5 to 6 years: $100 M.

In the original script, the duration of the Rupturian film was going to be over two hours, and it had several scenes that were very expensive to make. When Al Herrera wrote the script, he was not thinking in the production costs; but only in the story, with his imagination as his only limit. We took his original script and asked a professional that prepares budgets for the major studios, to prepare one for Rupturian; the budget he prepared was too high, as if the film were going to be produced by Walt Disney or 20th Century Fox.

We took that budget rather as a guide, and made changes to the script to be able to make the movie with the lower possible budget. We changed the duration to 90 minutes, and moved the expensive scenes to the second movie, keeping the essence of the story. We did the budget several times, from low to high to low to high, over and over again, until we finally came to the conclusion that $6 million is a reasonable figure for a movie like Rupturian -being produced independently.

As far as the film distribution is concerned, our plan is to have two management teams, one that works on Production and the other one on Distribution -from the very beginning. The budget includes $500,000.00 to cover distribution marketing costs.

We already have a video that presents the concept for a trailer to promote the film to Distributors. In the film there are scenes with crowds in major cities of the world. The Distribution Management team, in consultation with potential distributors, will include scenes in cities that depend on the markets that we want to approach, that is, in addition to the North America, like Beijing, Sao Paulo, etc.

Even when Rupturian is an advanced Sci-fi movie about a major catastrophe to occur on Earth, it doesn’t have space ships, robots, transformers, fights, destruction scenes or any other complicated and expensive set ups. It can be made using advanced digital technology with a budget of $6,000,000.00 – including the $500,000.00 mentioned to market the distribution of the film.

Other reasons for the Rupturian trilogy first film’s low budget:

Since the plot is based on the supernova of the WR104 binary stars creating a gamma-ray burst (GRB) that hits the Earth causing mass extinction, and this is a real potential problem, it has been documented by NASA, ESA and several other institutions. We will contact them to obtain permission to use their images as a basis for our CGI work. We already used some of those images to develop our concept for a trailer.

The ritual for the return of Kukulkan (Quetzalcoatl) will show the area of Chichen-Itza in the splendor of the Mayan civilization. For this scene we will use as a basis for our CGI, maquetas of that area already developed by anthropological museums in Mexico.

Since 75% of the production work will be in New York, we are entitled to receive from the State of New York, as an incentive to the movie industry, 30% of the Production and Post-Production expenses -even if the Post-Production work is not in New York; this allow us to do a major portion of Post-Production, at lower costs, in Mexico, Guatemala and Venezuela -where we could also get assistance from the Centro Nacional Autonomo de Cinematografia (CNAC). The expected amount from the State of New York is around $1,500,000.00.

The overall business concept is to start the production of the Rupturian trilogy with the lowest possible budget; once the first movie of the Rupturian trilogy is out, and is a success, then we will use larger budgets for the rest of the movies.

The basic concept for the preparation of the budget was changed from “I have this script to make the first movie of the Rupturian trilogy, how much money doI need?” to the other way around: “I have $6 Million, what a version of the first movie of the Rupturian trilogy can I make with it?”

What is the best use of this amount? First, the actors and key crew personnel have accepted to work on the basis of “points”; that is, with low salaries but with a percentage of the profits up to an established amount; second, for our CGI work we will use as a basis images and maquetas already developed by other institutions, and third, we will do most of our Post-Production work in Mexico, Guatemala and Venezuela.

For details about the Rupturian budget, please contact Al Herrera at Bernal Films.

Reality of Realities —From Rupturian Vision of Reality

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In Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Filipino

From the Rupturian Vision of Reality, as per the account of the last of the Rupturians:

The Rupturians like to present their concepts in poetic form. I have already presented in my blog the following poem in Western languages (English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Portuguese and Italian), now I am going to present it in Eastern languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Filipino), and tomorrow in Middle Eastern Languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Turkish and Urdu)

According to the Rupturians there are three types of realities: Natural, human and personal.














Xiànshí de xiànshí
Zhìshǎo yǒu yīrén bìxū shì huózhe
Rénlèi xiànshí shì.

Duìyú zhèngcháng de xiànshí
Wǒ bù dào yīgè cānghǎiyīsù……
Bù dào huīchén de huīchén……

Dànshì wǒ de xiànshí, wǒ, wǒ shì shuí, wǒ míngbáile yīqiè.
Wǒ zuì zhēnguì de chuàngzào shén.
Shìjiè de cúnzài duì wǒ lái shuō.

Dāng wǒ sǐle,
Dāng wǒ jiàng sǐwáng de shēnhǎi yóuyǒng,
Tā, yǔzhòu chuán jiāng yǔ wǒ bēngkuì.















Riariti no genjitsu Sukunakutomo hitori no otoko wa ikinakereba narimasen   Sono ningen no genjitsudesu. Tsūjō no genjitsu no tame ni   Watashi wa taikai no itteki-mimandesu…   Chirichiri-miman… Shikashi, watashi no genjitsu wa, watashi wa watashi ga dareda ka, watashi wa subete o rikai shite imasu. Watashi wa kami no mottomo kichōna sōzōdesu. Sekai ga soko ni watashi no tame ni sonzai suru.

  Watashi ga shinu toki,   Watashi wa, shi no fukai umi de oyogu jiki Sore wa, uchū no fune wa watashitoisshoni hōkai suru.



현실의 현실

적어도 한 사람이 살아 있어야합니다

인간의 현실입니다.

정상적인 현실

나는 바다의 하락 미만입니다 …

먼지의 티끌보다 …

하지만 내 현실은 내가 누군지, 나는 모든 것을 이해합니다.

나는 하나님의 가장 소중한 창조물입니다.

세상이 나를 위해 존재합니다.

난 죽을 때,

  나는 죽음의 깊은 바다에서 수영 할 때,

그것은 우주의 배는 나와 함께 붕괴 할 것이다.

hyeonsil ui hyeonsil

jeog-eodo han salam-i sal-a iss-eoyahabnida
ingan-ui hyeonsil ibnida.

jeongsangjeog-in hyeonsil
naneunbada ui halag miman ibnida …
meonji ui tikkeul boda …

hajiman nae hyeonsil-eun naega nugunji , naneun modeun geos-eul ihaehabnida.
naneun hananim ui gajang sojunghan changjomul ibnida.
sesang i naleul wihae jonjaehabnida.

nan jug-eul ttae ,
naneun jug-eum-ui gip-eun bada eseo suyeong hal ttae ,
geugeos-eun ujuui baeneun nawa hamkke bung-goe hal geos-ida.



 Katotohanan ng Reality

Hindi bababa sa isang tao ay dapat na buhay

na pantao katotohanan ay.

Para sa mga normal na katotohanan

Ako ay mas mababa sa isang drop sa karagatan …

mas mababa kaysa sa alabok ng dust …

Ngunit ang aking mga katotohanan ako kung sino ako, nauunawaan ko ang lahat.

Ako ang pinaka-mahalagang paglikha ng Diyos.

Ang mundo ay umiiral para sa akin doon.

 Kapag mamamatay ako,

kapag ako ay lumangoy sa malalim na dagat ng kamatayan,

Ito, ang bangka ng uniberso ay tiklupin sa akin.


About the Rupturians

The Rupturians were a highly advanced civilization that flourished in a three suns system in the Triangulum Galaxy (one of the three large galaxies of the so called “Local Group” –just to imply the size of the universe- that also includes our Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy.  They passed through the changes of evolution for a period of over 20 million years. (as a way of comparison, we human beings have, at most, 8 million years of evolution).  At one moment, however, they destroyed themselves, not only as physical beings, but also the planets that they inhabited. Why?  Well, to know that you will have to see the third movie of the Rupturian trilogy (I: Extinction on Earth, II: Our own annihilation, III:  The Edge of our Universe). What I can tell you in anticipation is that it has to do with life problems of a microbiological nature that disrupts the normal functioning of the DNA.  Anyway, only one of the Rupturians survived; he was in a separate dimension when all the components of their normal reality  were completely destroyed, not leaving not even a trace of their existence.  Only one Rupturian survived, and their RIN: Rupturian Intergalactic Network; in concept similar to our internet, as a network for knowledge and communications, but of a larger scale, with an access scope that includes the Local Group of galaxies.  Well, the last of the Rupturian wrote some notes about their Vision of Reality. Keep in mind that they knew the ins and outs of our universe, its origin and composition. In this section of my blog, I am going to publish some of their thoughts.

I am organizing the production of the first movie of the Rupturian trilogy.  On October 19, 2013, that is, the following Saturday, I am going to start a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo.  What I would like to do now is to invite you to become a member of the Rupturian Producers Group, going to Facebook and Linkedin to do so, or to the page “Subscribe to our mailing list” of  I also invite you to read “An invitation from Al Herrera” on the Rupturian website.

When you subscribe to the Rupturian Producers Group you get a link to download  the PDF version of the book “Rupturian Vision of Reality” (RVR) .  You may buy the digital and printed versions of RVR going to

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