The Soul in the Spiritual Layer of Reality —From the Rupturian Vision of Reality

Nature, Origin, and Evolution of the Soul   –   From Rupturian Vision of Reality

From the Rupturian Vision of Reality, as per the account of the last of the Rupturians:

Continuing with my previous blogs about the Nature, Origin, and Evolution of the Soul, where I included “The Soul in the Subjacent Layer of Reality”,  “The Soul in the Physical Layer of Reality”, “The Soul in the Biological Layer of Realilty”,  “The Soul in the Emotional Layer of Reality” and “The Soul in the Mental Layer of Reality”.

The Soul in the Spiritual Layer of Reality

In the Spiritual Layer of Reality the soul is getting ready to reach its final destination. It has two levels: Humane and Divine. In the Humane level, the soul concatenates or enters into communion with other souls that have reached the Spiritual Layer. In the Divine level, it initiates contact with God.

In the Spiritual Layer of Reality the soul elevates to higher levels of consciousness.

 The Soul in the Divine Layer of Reality

In the Divine Layer of reality, the soul reaches its final destination: it enters in communion with God. It is again, as in the beginning, a sea of spiritual energy, a collective soul, but of a Divine nature.

In the Divine Layer of Reality the soul elevates to highest level of cosmic consciousness.

Eternal  is without  beginning  and  without  end.  Temporal is with beginning and with end.

A-temporal is not measured in time.

The soul has a beginning, but when it reaches the Divine it gets into a stage where time does not exist.

It is temporal in the first six stages and becomes a-temporal in the last.

The spirit is the spark of life. This spark is the same from the moment Rupturian soulstrings jump-started life on Earth, in a bank of RNA, 3.5 billion years ago; and is the same in all living organisms.

The soul on the other hand, changes with evolution: becomes more complex, richer and spiritual. A Lyon has a sense of self-identity: he has a soul; but not as complex and richer as ours. We ourselves have now a richer soul than the one we had 6 million years ago; but poorer than the one we will have 6 million years from now.

The soul as the result of a brain process appeared in the latest stages of evolution. It doesn’t “descend” from any place into the body. It is already given in the nature, in the chemistry, in the functioning, in the “mechanisms” of the body.

Each unique soul is created at the time of conception, when the spermatozoid and oocyte integrate and create the zygote. As the newborn grows in life, his / her self-consciousness, self-identity, capacity for love and strength of will develops. When the body dies, the processes that give existence to the soul stop.


Al Herr V’s note:

A soul may be transplanted into another body not only by transplanting its physical- biological components (actually transplanting the brain), but also the electromagnetic recordings of the brain. These recordings may be saved in the Spiritual Layer of the parallel dimension of reality, to be transplanted in the future.


At our present state of evolution, our soul has risen to individual consciousness. As our evolution continues, new components will be added to the brain that will progressively allow us integrated, collective consciousness, until we reach the Divine Layer.

 A meeting of our integrated souls with the divine cosmic consciousness: that is our final destination.


About the Rupturians

The Rupturians were a highly advanced civilization that flourished in a three suns system in the Triangulum Galaxy (one of the three large galaxies of the so called “Local Group” –just to imply the size of the universe- that also includes our Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy.  They passed through the changes of evolution for a period of over 20 million years. (as a way of comparison, we human beings have, at most, 8 million years of evolution).  At one moment, however, they destroyed themselves, not only as physical beings, but also the planets that they inhabited. Why?  Well, to know that you will have to see the third movie of the Rupturian trilogy (I: Extinction on Earth, II: Our own annihilation, III:  The Edge of our Universe). What I can tell you in anticipation is that it has to do with life problems of a microbiological nature that disrupts the normal functioning of the DNA.  Anyway, only one of the Rupturians survived; he was in a separate dimension when all the components of their normal reality  were completely destroyed, not leaving not even a trace of their existence.  Only one Rupturian survived, and their RIN: Rupturian Intergalactic Network; in concept similar to our internet, as a network for knowledge and communications, but of a larger scale, with an access scope that includes the Local Group of galaxies.  Well, the last of the Rupturian wrote some notes about their Vision of Reality. Keep in mind that they knew the ins and outs of our universe, its origin and composition. In this section of my blog, I am going to publish some of their thoughts.

I am organizing the production of the first movie of the Rupturian trilogy.  On October 19, 2013, that is, the following Saturday, I am going to  start a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo.  What I would like to do now is to invite you to become a member of the Rupturian Producers Group, going to Facebook to do so, or to the page “Subscribe to our mailing list” of  I also invite you to read “An invitation from Al Herrera” on the Rupturian website.

When you subscribe to the Rupturian Producers Group you get a link to download  the PDF version of the book “Rupturian Vision of Reality” (RVR) .  You may buy the digital and printed versions of RVR going to

Please note that the indiegogo campaign has been moved from Saturday October 12 to Saturday October 19, 2013


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