Reality of Realities —From Rupturian Vision of Reality

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From the Rupturian Vision of Reality, as per the account of the last of the Rupturians:

The Rupturians liked to present their concepts in poetic form. I have already presented in my blog the following poem, but now I am going to present it in seven languages: English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. In order not to make the blog too long I’ll present three languages today, and four tomorrow.

According to the Rupturians there are three types of realitties: Natural, human and personal.

Reality of Realities

At least one man needs to be alive

for the Human Reality to exist.

To the Natural Reality,

I am less than a drop of water in the ocean…

less than the dust of dust…

But in my Personal Reality I am what I am: all encompassing.

I am God’s most precious creation.

The world exists for me to exist.

When I die,

 when I swim into the deep sea of death,

She, the ship of the universe, will sink with me.



Realidad de Realidades 

Por lo menos un hombre debe estar vivo

para que la Realidad Humana exista.

Para la Realidad Natural,

yo soy menos que una gota de agua en el océano…

menos que el polvo del polvo…

Pero en mi Realidad Personal yo soy lo que soy: lo abarco todo.

Soy la creación más preciosa de Dios.

El mundo existe para que yo exista.

 Cuando yo muera,

cuando nade hasta el fondo del mar profundo de la muerte,

Ella, la nave del universo, se hundirá conmigo.


 Реальность Реальностей

По крайней мере один человек должен быть жив,

чтобы Человеческая Реальность могла существовать.

В Реальности Природы я меньше капли в океане…

меньше частички пылинки…

Но в моей Личной Реальности я то, что есть я:

Все, заключенное во мне самом.

Я – драгоценнейшее Божье создание.

Мир существует, чтобы существовал я.

Когда я умру и уплыву в глубины моря небытия,

Она, эта ладья Вселенной, погрузится туда вместе со мной….

Traslated to Russian by Vladimir Tsaur


About the Rupturians

The Rupturians were a highly advanced civilization that flourished in a three suns system in the Triangulum Galaxy (one of the three large galaxies of the so called “Local Group” –just to imply the size of the universe- that also includes our Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy.  They passed through the changes of evolution for a period of over 20 million years. (as a way of comparison, we human beings have, at most, 8 million years of evolution).  At one moment, however, they destroyed themselves, not only as physical beings, but also the planets that they inhabited. Why?  Well, to know that you will have to see the third movie of the Rupturian trilogy (I: Extinction on Earth, II: Our own annihilation, III:  The Edge of our Universe). What I can tell you in anticipation is that it has to do with life problems of a microbiological nature that disrupts the normal functioning of the DNA.  Anyway, only one of the Rupturians survived; he was in a separate dimension when all the components of their normal reality  were completely destroyed, not leaving not even a trace of their existence.  Only one Rupturian survived, and their RIN: Rupturian Intergalactic Network; in concept similar to our internet, as a network for knowledge and communications, but of a larger scale, with an access scope that includes the Local Group of galaxies.  Well, the last of the Rupturian wrote some notes about their Vision of Reality. Keep in mind that they knew the ins and outs of our universe, its origin and composition. In this section of my blog, I am going to publish some of their thoughts.

I am organizing the production of the first movie of the Rupturian trilogy.  On October 19, 2013, that is, the following Saturday, I am going to start a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo.  What I would like to do now is to invite you to become a member of the Rupturian Producers Group, going to Facebook and Linkedin to do so, or to the page “Subscribe to our mailing list” of  I also invite you to read “An invitation from Al Herrera” on the Rupturian website.

When you subscribe to the Rupturian Producers Group you get a link to download  the PDF version of the book “Rupturian Vision of Reality” (RVR) .  You may buy the digital and printed versions of RVR going to

Please note that the indiegogo campaign has been moved from Saturday October 12 to Saturday October 19, 2013


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