About the Rupturian Franchise

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About the Rupturian Franchise http://www.rupturian.com/Franchise.html

Rupturian is a Sci-Fi concept that allows for the creation of a franchise that includes movies and TV miniseries, books and e-books, video-games, and toys. The required initial investment / loan is $6 M for the production of the first movie of a trilogy; out of the $6M, $500,000.00 will be used to market its distribution. We are expecting to receive back from the State of New York, $1.5 M as an incentive to promote the movie industry. The franchise potential revenue in 5 to 6 years is over $100 M. How is it possible to produce the first movie of the trilogy with $6 M? Please see About the Rupturian Budget in http://www.rupturian.com

Movies and TV miniseries
The business concept is to produce the first film of the trilogy with the least possible budget, $6M, and then increase progressively in complexity as far as the setup of the scenes is concern, with larger budgets. The Rupturian stories will be structured in episodes, to facilitate the programming of TV miniseries.

Rupturian I -Extinction on Earth

The gamma-ray burst of the WR104 supernova is about to hit the Earth. We are on the verge of extinction. Our only salvation is using Rupturian technology, a highly advanced alien civilization.

In CGI, the expensive scenes are those that have human interaction with a CGI background. In Rupturian I -Extinction on Earth most of the CGI scenes occur in the outer space with physical objects created with the computer; consequently, the budget is only $6M.

Rupturian II -Our own annihilation

With the advanced technology of the Rupturians we will explore vast areas of the universe; that is, we will reach into what is known as the “dark universe”, but with such an advanced technology we will also come close to destroying ourselves, like the Rupturians did. This requires more expensive scenes, so that Rupturian II –Our own annihilation will have a larger budget.

Rupturian III -The Rupturian’s annihilation

Via records of the Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN) –similar to our Internet but of a Local Galaxies (Milky Way, Andromeda and Triangulum) scale, we will see how and why the Rupturians destroyed themselves.

The trilogy may be extended into a tetralogy, depending on the availability of pictures to be obtained with the James Webb Space Telescope, currently in construction

Rupturian IV -The birth of the universe

With the advanced technology of the Rupturians, we will see how the universe was created in the Big Bang explosion. We will discover the origin of life, and we will be able to do soul transplantation.

According to the Big Bang model, the universe expanded from an extremely dense and hot state and continues to expand today.

According to the String Theory all the components of the universe already existed in that “point” that exploded during the Big Bang, is just that it is expanding.

According to the Rupturians, as presented in the book Rupturian Vision of Reality, that is impossible. What happens is that “strings”, the basic component of everything that exists in the Dimension of Being, are constantly being brought into existences from the Dimension on Nothingness (Not-Being); that is, there is constant generation of the components that make up the fabric of the universe; there is a constant flow of strings from Not-Being into being.

Books and e-books

The Rupturian movie scripts will be converted to short graphical novels, and will be promoted along with the theatrical movie releases. Additionally, several other stories will be developed under the general Rupturian concepts.

Rupturian Concept

Go to Google and do a search on “Rupturian”; you will get thousands of results.

For a full version of the blog About the Rupturian Franchise, including video-games and toys, please go to http://www.rupturian.com/Franchise.html



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