RUPTURIAN, The Next Great SCI-FI Adventure, is in The Works


SOA LEGACY / Bernal Films, an entertainment company from New York, is offering the opportunity of participating in the kickstart of Rupturian, the next big hit in entertainment.


Up-to-date scientifically, and technologically, Rupturian represents a new breed in Sci-Fi.  The most popular SCI FI adventure franchises began over 40 years ago.  A lot of new discoveries have occurred since them, and the starting point for the future is now, not in the past. Rupturian happens in the present time, with real problems. We enter in contact with a highly advanced alien civilization that gives us access to a technology we cannot even imagine. The problem is, we can use it for our own good, but also for our own destruction. The first movie of the Rupturian franchise is about “Extinction on Earth.”

SOA LEGACY / Bernal Films is offering the opportunity of starting the RUPTURIAN franchise with USD$10 million.  Initially, SOA LEGACY / Bernal Films is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise USD$100K of startup money. The company’s business plan calls for providing to investors a 100% ROI to be paid as a SENIOR DEBT (priority payment), and a 5% ownership of the company’s stock.


Additionally, contributors will:

  • Participate in a raffle to win an invitation for two people, with all expenses paid, for the premier of the movie in New York, Mexico, Guatemala or Madrid -as per their selection.
  • Get their names listed in the credits of the film
  • Have the opportunity of appearing as extras in scenes happening in New York, Mexico, Guatemala, Spain, France, China, and several other countries.

Providing $100K of startup money, with a ROI of 100% to be paid as a SENIOR DEBT (priority payment), and additionally, getting 5% equity in the film company that is producing a $10 million budget movie, is definitely an excellent opportunity, when you consider that Rupturian has potential to become the next big hit in entertainment.

You may participate with smaller amounts. For participations starting at $1,000.00 you will get stock in the film’s production company. Details are presented in the Investor Relations page of Bernal Films. To participate in this offer, you need to register at OurExchange:,  and look for Rupturian.

For participations bellow $1,000.00 you will get a % from the profits of the film.  Participations bellow $100.00 are taken as donations. To participate in this offer, please go to the crowdfunding page of the Rupturian website:

All participants, regardless of the amount provided, get the perks of the promotion.

Videos about Rupturian are available in YouTube.

Free Download:  Introduction to the Rupturian World

Tepeu's ritual for the return of Kukulkan

To get a free download of the PDF “Introduction to the Rupturian World”, send an email to, with the subject “Introduction”

For Questions contact: Al Herrera    



~ by RUPTURIAN on February 11, 2016.

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