Funding required $2M, guaranteed with $2.142M film tax credits

 Re: Funding Inquiry


Required $2M, guaranteed with $2.142M film tax credits – Details:  –  Contact:

Angel investors providing up to $250K get paid back 110% immediately upon raising the main budget funds, and get a % of the film profits.


Dear Sir / Madam

I need your assistance to fund the production of the Sci-Fi film “RUPTURIAN”.

The budget is $10M, with anticipated sales over $50M.

The ideal situation would be to get the total budget from a single or just a few lenders/investors, right from the start. If you are in this group, please contact

The alternative is to raise the funds gradually, proceeding in stages:


Raise $2M with the guarantee of $2.142M film tax credits,

  1. As a loan, preferable a balloon type, with a duration of 3-5 years, or
  2. As an investment, providing an equity of 12.5%, which is equivalent to invest $2.5M, since for $10M, an investor gets 50% of the equity.


Funding participations in the Rupturian opportunity, could be with smaller amounts.


For up to $250K of SEED MONEY to startup operations, Angel Investors get paid back 110% of their participation, at the time of raising the main budget funds, plus 1.25 % of the film profits.


I invite you to read the attached introductory materials: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY and MOVIE SUMMARY.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Al Herrera

CEO, Bernal Films, New York

Details:  –  Contact:


 Short Summary

To produce the Sci-Fi film Rupturian, $2M funding is guaranteed with $2.142M film tax credits.  Also needed, up to $250K to startup operations.

The Business

The budget to produce the film is $10M, with estimated sales over $50M. Funds could be provided as a loan, preferable balloon type in a 3-5 years period, or for 50% of equity.

State of New York film tax credits are estimated in $2.142M.  From this amount, in a first funding round of $2M, we guarantee to pay back $2.1M.

Investors will get 12.5% equity, which is equivalent to investing $2.5M.

Angel investors for smaller amounts, up to $250K to startup operations, will be paid back 110% immediately upon raising the main budget funds, and will also get 1.25% of the film profits during the first 6 months of its release.

Participation may be on a crowdfunding basis, with benefits calculated proportionately.

The Market

Rupturian follows the pattern of highly successful Sci-Fi films in terms of story, exotic ambiences, and worldwide general audiences.

Progress / Proof

As of today, the following has been completed:

  • Four movie scripts, for the entire Rupturian tetralogy, and two books on the Rupturian subject.

For the first movie:

  • The budget has been prepared, along with the calculation of the expected tax credits from the State of New York
  • The actors were selected in 260 auditions.
  • The script has been broken down and is ready for shooting.
  • The scene locations have been selected.


  • To raise $250K from Angel Investors to startup operations.
  • To raise $2M to start the production of the film, and to organize activities to raise the rest of the film budget.
  • To finalize the production of the film in 10 to 12 months.

All you need is vision

To appreciate the richness of the Rupturian concepts, and its commercial potential, do a Google search for RUPTURIAN, and click on images.  All you need is vision.

Additionally, I invite you to see the pages about RUPTURIAN, RVR and LCE pictures, Scene Locations and Foundation Concepts in the Rupturian website.


  • RUPTURIAN has potential to become the next big hit in entertainment.
  • Imagine STAR WARS, but more realistic, and occurring in the present time.
  • The movie scripts for the entire tetralogy are available for review.
  • Rupturian follows the pattern on highly successful Sci-Fi films.
  • For the first film of the franchise, sales are estimated will be over $50 million.

The Deal


As an Angel Investor, providing up to $250K of seed money, you are paid back 110% before starting the production of the film, and, without actually investing any money, you get 1.25% of the film profits during the first 6 months of the movie release. – – > No risk, only gain.

As an investor, providing up to $2M for the first round of budget money, you are guaranteed to be paid back $2.1M with money from the film tax credits. Within this context, you get an equity of 12.5%, which is equivalent to investing $2.5M. – – > No risk, only gain.

For loans, the preferred terms are a balloon type, payable in a 3-5 years period.





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