Colonization of the Ptolomeo Dual Spiral


At the end of the third movie of the Rupturian saga, “The Magnetic Being’s End”, via the Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN), we learn that the Rupturians have discovered eight planets that can sustain Human life, in the Ptolomeo Dual Spiral of the Virgo Cluster of galaxies, 86 million light years away from the nucleus of the Local Group cluster (Milky Way, Andromeda and Triangulum galaxies).

At the end of the fourth movie, in preparation to their colonization, which happens in the fifth movie, “The colonization of the Ptolomeo Dual Spiral”, the Human Survival Authority appointed by the United Nations, plans the colonization assigning the colonization of the eight planets as follows:

The colonies in the Ptolomeo Dual Spiral have the colony New Earth as the starting point. Going up and around in the right direction we have the colonies Thebes, Teotihuacán, Nazareth, Angkor Wat, Pompeii, Shangri-La and Utopia. These names were chosen because they represent important civilizations in the history of mankind.


New Earth—The planet New Earth is the first colony in The Spiral. In New Earth, there are replicas of the main cities on Earth: Little New York, Little Paris, Little Moscow, Little Tokyo, Little Cairo, Little Calcutta, Little Rio de Janeiro, Little Mexico, etc.

All teleportation from Earth to The Spiral (and from The Spiral to Earth) makes an obligatory stop here, since it is the spiral’s firewall for customs, security, and health. All living beings—people, flora, and fauna in general—and all material and electromagnetic objects entering and exiting The Spiral are subject to scrutiny at the molecular level, including a check for conditions that may affect the microbiological eco systems of the planets when entering, and of the Earth when leaving.


ThebesGreek word that means “city of the doors.” The Greeks gave this name to one of the most important cities in ancient Egypt because it had huge doors that communicated with the gods. The Egyptian name was Apet.

The planet Thebes is the gate door to the internal part of The Spiral. All teleportation activities to the internal part of The Spiral are initiated here.


Teotihuacán—Capital city of the Toltecs, in Mexico. Teotihuacán means the “place where the gods are born.” Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, was born in Teotihuacán. He gave birth to the fifth cycle of man: The Fifth Sun. Quetzalcoatl represents the cyclical characteristics of man’s evolution. Now we are in the sixth cycle, or Sixth Sun, which began with the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

In the planet Teotihuacán, replicas were made of the ritual sites of Tikal, Tenochtitlán, and Teotihuacán. Tepeu and Xquic made a copy of the waves in the parallel dimension on Earth for these ritual sites and brought them to this planet so that, in the future, they would be able to visit events from the past that occurred at these sites.


NazarethPlace where Jesus was born. It represents all religions in their purest form.

The planet Nazareth is at the heart of The Spiral. It has several suns, moons, and large asteroids shining by reflection, creating a uniform spring weather temperature at all times. There are no nights. Cities are built under magnetic shields that simulate night every twelve hours. Beneath the shields, it is practically like being on Earth, with the time divided in hours, days, nights, weeks, months, and years; but outside there is no change of temperature and there is always a uniform day light.

Nazareth is also called the “Silicon Planet” in reminiscence of the “Silicon Valley” of California. Nazareth is the place to go for scientific research in mathematics, physics, communications, and information technologies. Mathematics advances exponentially, associating numbers and symbols; it becomes the language of communication for anticipated non-human beings that are suspected to exist in yet unknown areas of the universe.


Angkor Wat—In northern Cambodia, treasure of the Khmer empire from A.D. 802 to A.D. 1431. The temple of Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world.

This planet is reserved for people with tendencies, awareness, and needs of a spiritual nature. Living in Angkor Wat is a privilege given only to people of merit, of all races and walks of life. Angkor Wat is Akhenaton’s city dedicated to god, Akhetaton, at a planet level. All religions are allowed. In the planet Angkor Wat, there are research programs dedicated to the understanding of our mystical mind. What is it that poses on us human beings a spiritual quest?


PompeiiRoman city on the bay of Naples, destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79. It has been excavated for more than 250 years. It is called the eternal city. In the colony Pompeii, the main interest is to optimize man’s biological evolution. There are all sorts of facilities and research activities dedicated to molecular biology, including cloning, soul transplantation and transfiguration, personal stem cell banks, rejuvenating programs, and the like. The Children of God, instead of in all planets as originally planned, are incubated and fine-tuned—biologically speaking—in Pompeii.


Shangri-La—Represents eternal youth. Shangrila, or Land of the Thunder Dragon, is in Bhutan in the Himalayan range. It is a paradise, with unspoiled ancient cultures and traditions.

This planet is reserved for people over 100 years old. At the age of 120, people either die by disintegration or are transfigured into Human Soulstrings.


Utopia—This colony is dedicated only to the Children of God. Utopia is an archipelago of 1,000 small planets half the size of the Moon, interconnected via Inter Galactic Teleportation Tunnels. Only religions based on new paths to spirituality are allowed.


I invite you to read the synopsis of the entire Rupturian saga in


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